Vision & Objects


To be the leader in promoting innovative plastics that enhanced the sustainability for quality of life.


  • Continuity in developing quality and functional masterbatch that can make life easier.
  • Create products and services to enhance sustainable quality of life.
  • Implement transparency and good governance for all stakeholders.

Business Strategy

  • Build a strong foundation. Building an organization is a lot like building a house. First, we obtained the right components to build a strong structure; then we set the direction to the goal. Over the years, we are still investing continually even in economic downturn because we believe that there are always an opportunity in every crisis. We are committed in developing our internal systems, people, equipment and machines to meet the various needs for customers.
  • Use existing resources to maximize efficiency. in applying advanced technology and innovation that accommodate potential changes. Stakeholder engagement is to understand and to develop leading sustainability strategies; which is not only for business purposes; but also foresee the long-term relationship in all aspects such as: economy, society and environment. As we believe that collaboration lead to sustainable development.
  • Focus on developing products and services to meet international standards. To build customer confidence with our production process, quality control, until delivery by guaranteed auditing and continuous development. Because we believe that our quality comes from precise objective in every step of the process as we aim to exceed consumer expectation.