What are the influence factors to company profit and loss?
Company P&L is subjected to the following:
  • Raw material cost is depended upon crude oil are price policy and exchange rate of foreign currency.
  • Operation cost is indirect proportion to production and sales volume together with machine utilization.
  • Selling cost is subjected to market competition and macro-economic situation.
What’s the current production utilization and capacity?
Present total capacity is 45,000 Mton/year. As of Q1-2016 the production utilization was 60.8% in equal to 7,550 Mton.
What’s Dividend Policy?
Company define dividend paid not less than 30% of Annual Net Profit after deduct of relevant provisions with subject to the approval of Board of Director and Annual General Shareholders meeting.
What’s shareholders structure?

As of December 2015

47.43% share by VIV Interchem Group, the affiliated companies and Board members.
29.28% share by major shareholders.
23.29% share by minor and general shareholders.

What’s company doing?
We design research and develop, produce, and sell all kind of Masterbatches, matched colourants and ready to used compounded products for serving all kind of plastic industries.
What’s company policy?

Follow to company vision statement, To be the leader in changing, creating values to the plastic industries and deliver all satisfactions throughout the stockholders.

Company define and focusing on research and development toward the process and product quality.

Continuous improvement and investment in R&D section is our major tool to sustain the innovation, and product consistency. Thus enabling us to catch up and balancing between needs, understand market demand and to satisfy all stakeholders’ requirements.