General Information

Company Name Salee Colour Public Listed Company
Initials COLOR
Estate 858 Moo.2 Soi 1C/1 Bangpoo Industrial Estate, Bangpumai, Muangsamutprakarn, Samutprakarn Province, Postage Code 10280
Tel (02) 323-2601-8
Fax (02) 323-2227-8
Business Type Colour Masterbatch and Filler Masterbatch or Masterbatch, Colour Masterbatch and Additive Masterbatch or Compound and Dry Colorants.
The company was registered as a legal entity on September 17, 2008
Registration Number Plc. 0107551000282
Details about the number of shares
Common Stock
The number of shares listed on the international market. 652,343,752 shares
The number of shares of paid 583,511,702 shares Voting rights 1:1
Treasury stock -
The number of shares net of shares with voting rights repurchased.
at December 15, 2017 587,896,000 shares
Preference share
The number of shares listed on the international market. -
Treasury stock -

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EY Co.,Ltd.
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Ms.Sumale Rewarabundit Certified Public Accountant No.3970
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